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NB Private Equity Partners Lim (NBPE)

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Monday 08 June, 2009

NB Private Equity Partners Lim

NB Private Equity Partners Announces Proposal t...

8 June 2009

NB Private Equity  Partners Limited ("NBPE"  or the "Company")  today
announced that the Company intends to seek admission ("Admission") of
its shares  ("Shares")  to  trading on  the  Specialist  Fund  Market
("SFM") of the London Stock  Exchange plc ("LSE").  The Company  will
retain its current  listing on  Euronext Amsterdam  by NYSE  Euronext
("Euronext Amsterdam")  and so  following Admission  the Shares  will
trade in both London and Amsterdam.

NBPE is a closed-end limited liability investment company  registered
and incorporated  under  the  laws  of Guernsey  and  managed  by  NB
Alternatives Advisers  LLC, an  indirect wholly  owned subsidiary  of
Neuberger Berman  Group. The  Company's  investment objective  is  to
produce attractive returns  on its  capital from  its private  equity
investments  while   managing  investment   risk  through   portfolio
diversification across asset class, vintage year, geography, industry
and sponsor.

It is expected that trading in the Shares on the SFM will commence in
June 2009. Following  Admission, the  Shares will be  traded on  both
Euronext Amsterdam and the SFM under the symbol NBPE. The Company  is
not offering any new  Shares or other  securities in connection  with

Rationale for Admission

The Directors of  NBPE believe  that a dual-admission  to trading  on
Euronext Amsterdam and the SFM will be beneficial to the Company  for
the following reasons:

*         Increased investor appeal - Admission will increase the
  Company's global visibility and maximise the Company's target
  investor base. A number of UK institutions, private client brokers
  and wealth managers, who are the primary drivers of day-to-day
  liquidity, have a clear preference for or are mandated to invest
  only in securities which are traded on the LSE.

*         Increased market liquidity - Admission will bring the
  Company under the market making regime in place in London and
  therefore there will be a price in the Shares at all times. It is
  hoped that having a number of market makers will help ensure that
  liquidity, even if in small volumes, will be available at all

*         Increased broker coverage - Admission may serve to increase
  the coverage of the Company by leading research analysts. This will
  provide Shareholders and potential investors with more independent
  information on the Company.

*         Settled on CREST and Euroclear - following Admission the
  Shares may be settled through either Euroclear or CREST.

*         Achieved simply - there has been no need to change the
  structure, investment objective and policy or corporate governance
  of the Company to make it eligible for Admission.

Oriel Securities  Limited is  acting as  sole sponsor  and broker  in
connection with Admission.

Talmai Morgan, Chairman of NBPE, commented:

"We are delighted to announce our intention to seek dual-admission to
trading of NBPE's Shares on the SFM. London is an important financial
centre and  admission  to  trading  on  the  LSE  will  boost  NBPE's
visibility among the  Company's target investor  base. The  increased
market liquidity  offered by  a  dual-admission should  also  provide
long-term  benefits  to  existing  shareholders  and  potential   new

For further information, please contact:

NBPE Investor Relations +1 214 647 9593

Oriel Securities        +44 20 7710 7600
Joe Winkley
Sapna Shah

Financial Dynamics      +44 20 7269 7114
Rob Bailhache
Nick Henderson

About NB Private Equity Partners Limited
NBPE is a closed-end private equity fund of funds investment  company
listed on Euronext Amsterdam. NBPE  holds a diversified portfolio  of
private equity fund investments and direct co-investments selected by
the NB  Alternatives group  of Neuberger  Berman, diversified  across
private equity  asset class,  geography, industry,  vintage year  and

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