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Tuesday 13 November, 2007

1PM plc

Notice of AGM

                                     1PM PLC
                                 ("the Company")

                                  Notice of AGM

13 November 2007

The  Company  announces that it has today sent to shareholders  a  copy  of  its
annual  report and accounts and a notice of AGM to be held at the Francis Hotel,
Queen's  Square, Bath BA1 2HH on 07 December 2007 at 10 a.m. for the purpose  of
considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions:

1.  To  receive and consider the Financial Statements for the year ended 31  May
    2007 with the reports of the Directors and Auditors thereon.

2.  To  re-appoint Moore Stephens as auditors to hold office from the conclusion
    of  the  meeting  to  the conclusion of the next meeting  at  which  financial
    statements  are laid before the Company at a remuneration to be determined  by
    the Directors.

3.  To elect Michael Richard Johnson as a Director.

4.  To elect Maria-Louise Hampton as a Director.

5.  To elect Rodney Owen Channon as a Director.

6.  To elect Paul David Connell as a Director.

7.  THAT the authorised share capital of the Company be increased from £300,000
    to £600,000 by the creation of 440,000,004 new ordinary shares in the Company
    of £0.0006818 each.

8.  In  substitution  for all existing authorities, to the  extent  unused,  the
    Directors  shall have general and unconditional authority for the purposes  of
    section 80 of the Companies Act 1985 (as amended) (the "Act") to exercise  all
    the  powers  of the Company to allot, grant options over, offer  or  otherwise
    deal  with or dispose of any relevant securities (as defined in section  80(2)
    of  the  Act)  of the Company to such persons at such times and  generally  on
    such  terms  and conditions as the Directors may determine up to an  aggregate
    nominal  amount of £300,000 provided the authority hereby conferred  shall  be
    for  a  period  expiring  five years from the date  hereof  unless  previously
    renewed,  varied  or  revoked  by  the Company  in  General  Meeting  and  the
    Directors shall be entitled under the authority hereby conferred or under  any
    renewal thereof to make at any time prior to the expiry of such authority  any
    offer  or  agreement,  which  would or might require  relevant  securities  as
    aforesaid to be allotted after the expiry of such authority.

9.  That  subject  to  and  conditional upon the passing  of  resolution  8  the
    Directors shall be and are hereby empowered pursuant to section 95 of the  Act
    to  allot equity securities (as defined in section 94(2) of the Act) for  cash
    pursuant  to the authority given in accordance with section 80 of the  Act  by
    Resolution  7 and/or allot equity securities where such allotment  constitutes
    an  allotment  of  securities by virtue of section 94(3A) of  the  Act  as  if
    section  89(1)  of the Act did not apply thereto provided that this  authority
    shall  expire at the conclusion of the annual general meeting of  the  Company
    to  be  held  in  2008 except that the Company may before  such  expiry,  make
    offers  or  agreements which would or might require equity  securities  to  be
    allotted  after such expiry and notwithstanding such expiry the Directors  may
    allot equity securities in pursuance of such offers or agreements.

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