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Xansa PLC (XAN)

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Monday 14 May, 2007

Xansa PLC

Director/PDMR Shareholding

Xansa plc (the "Company") announces that it received notification on 14 May
2007, for the purposes of DTR 3.1.2R of the Disclosure & Transparency Rules,
that Xansa Trustee Company Limited, trustee of the Inland Revenue approved
Xansa All Employee Share Ownership Plan (`AESOP') had purchased 118,736 of the
Company's ordinary shares of 5 pence each ("Ordinary Shares") on 11 May 2007 at
85.00 pence each from the Xansa Qualifying Employee Share Ownership Trust
("Xansa QUEST"). The Ordinary Shares had been purchased under the "Partnership"
shares section of the AESOP from funds received from participating eligible

Under the terms of the AESOP, "Partnership" shares are matched on a 1:2 basis
with 26,986 "Matching" shares being provided out of the AESOP Trust and 31,941
"Matching" shares being provided out of the Xansa QUEST and into the AESOP
Trust at nil cost. The Trust is a discretionary trust for the benefit of
employees of the Company and its subsidiaries, which operates in conjunction
with the Company's AESOP and holds Ordinary Shares purchased by employees under
the "Partnership" and "Matching" shares section of the AESOP.

Except where otherwise referred to, the directors named below were allocated
220 Ordinary Shares each (147 "Partnership" shares and 73 "Matching" shares)
having elected to participate in the AESOP.

Due to an administrative error, the Partnership and Matching share awards for
the three directors named below were wrongly stated in the announcement dated
13 February 2007. Messrs Cox and Weston should have reported 149 Partnership
shares and 74 Matching shares instead of 150 Partnership shares and 75 Matching
shares and Mr Stuart should have reported 150 Partnership shares and 75
Matching shares instead of 149 Partnership shares and 74 Matching shares.

As a consequence of this announcement and the adjustments referred to above,
the beneficial and non-beneficial interests in Ordinary Shares (excluding
options) of the directors listed below have therefore increased to:

Name: Ordinary Shares

Mr A R Cox: 140,992

Mr G M Stuart: 52,979

Mr S R Weston: 39,251

As a result of the above transaction, the total holdings of the AESOP and Xansa
QUEST amount to 17,737,606 and 2,918,436 Shares respectively.

This notification is released in accordance with DTR 3.1.4R(1)(a) of the
Disclosure & Transparency Rules.

14 May 2007