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Friday 05 January, 2007


Holding(s) in Company

05 January 2007


1. Name of company

ITV plc

2. Name of shareholder having a major interest

Barclays PLC

3. Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of holding
of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a non-beneficial interest
or in the case of an individual holder if it is a holding of that person's
spouse or children under the age of 18

As above

4. Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the number of
shares held by each of them

Registered Holder                                   Account            Holding
BANK OF IRELAND                                     426360             219,264
BANK OF NEW YORK                                                       282,367
BARCLAYS TRUST CO AS EXEC/ADM                                          54
BBHISL Nominees Ltd HGB0125                         00067940101        43,416
BBHISL Nominees Ltd HGB3212                         00009018132        1,295,738
Barclays Capital Nominees Ltd                                          23,645,657
Barclays Global Investors Canada                                       308,124
Barclays Trust Co & Others                                             23,246
Barclays Trust Co DMC69                                                69,803
Barclays Trust Co E99                                                  256
Barclays Trust Co R69                                                  12,517
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV0102            00009018101        4,696,666
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV2202            00009018122        6,263
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV2502            00009018125        11,073
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV2902            00009018129        4,908
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV3002            00009018130        156,651
BarclayTrust Channel Islands Ltd HGV3102            00009018131        105,685
CHASE NOMINEES LTD                                  16376              1,865,031
CHASE NOMINEES LTD                                  28270              1,127,637
Durlacher Nominees Ltd                                                 2,202,881
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                602394             1,700
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                603856             12,500
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                615411             7,500
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                633484             3,320
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                642686             2,200
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                659645             4,000
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                660137             3,270
Gerrard Nominees Ltd                                770101             68,720
Greig Middleton Nominees Limited (GM1)                                 362,215
Greig Middleton Nominees Ltd (GM3)                  523475DN           400,000
INVESTORS BANK AND TRUST CO.                                           15,075,980
INVESTORS BANK AND TRUST CO.                                           24,971,458
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             16331              992,917
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             16338              223,597
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             16341              2,312,168
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             16342              499,975
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             16400              28,194,463
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             17011              71,036
JP MORGAN (BGI CUSTODY)                             18409              3,584,014
JP MORGAN CHASE BANK                                                   134,651
JP MORGAN CHASE BANK                                                   345,296
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                   264,630
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                   4,615,101
Mellon Trust - US CUSTODIAN /                                          142,167
Mitsui Asset                                                           70,861
R C Greig Nominees Limited                                             4,339,573
R C Greig Nominees Limited GP1                                         570,315
R C Greig Nominees Limited SA1                                         473,403
R C Greig Nominees Limited a/c AK1                                     1,388,516
R C Greig Nominees Limited a/c BL1                                     410,218
R C Greig Nominees Limited a/c CM1                                     232,696
Reflex Nominees Limited                                                8,303
STATE STREET BOSTON                                                    1,924,332
Standard Bank of SA in trust for Absa Unit Trust                       256,500
Trust & Custody Services Bank                                          21,384
Zeban Nominees Limited                                                 21,763
                                                    Total              128,087,979

5. Number of shares / amount of stock acquired


6. Percentage of issued class


7. Number of shares / amount of stock disposed


8. Percentage of issued class


9. Class of security

Ordinary shares of 10 pence each

10. Date of transaction


11. Date company informed

5 January 2007

12. Total holding following this notification


13. Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification


14. Any additional information


15. Name of contact and telephone number for queries

Helen Tautz  0207 126 5588

16. Name and signature of authorised company official responsible for making
this notification

H Tautz

Date of notification

5 January 2007

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