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Brambles Industries (BI.)

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Friday 01 December, 2006

Brambles Industries

On-market Share buy-back

Brambles Industries PLC
30 November 2006

Brambles Limited

Company Number: 118 896 021

1 December 2006


Attached is the Appendix 3C for the on-market share buy-back in Brambles Limited
announced to the Australian Stock Exchange on 20 November 2006. Further to that
announcement, Brambles Limited may also purchase Brambles Limited CDIs at any
time after the implementation of Unification (4 December 2006) during the
ordinary course of trading on the London Stock Exchange. The buy-back of
Brambles Limited CDIs will be made in accordance with the rules on buy-backs
applicable to Brambles Limited as an Australian company with a primary listing
on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Craig van der Laan de Vries
Company Secretary

                                                                     Rule 3.8A

                                  APPENDIX 3C

                            Announcement of buy-back
                       (except minimum holding buy-back)

Information and documents given to ASX become ASX's property and may be made

Introduced 1/9/99. Origin: Appendix 7B. Amended 13/3/2000, 30/9/2001.

Name of entity                                           ABN
---------------------------------                        -----------
Brambles Limited                                         89 118 896 021
---------------------------------                        -----------

We (the entity) give ASX the following information.

Information about buy-back

 1   Type of buy-back                                On-market
 2   +Class of shares which is the subject of the    Ordinary
     buy-back (eg, ordinary/preference)              --------------------------
 3   Voting rights (eg, one for one)                 One for one
 4   Fully paid/partly paid (and if partly paid,     Fully paid
     details of how much has been paid and how much  --------------------------
     is outstanding)
 5   Number of shares in the +class on issue         1,552,676,323 (1)
 6   Whether shareholder approval is required for    No
     buy-back                                        --------------------------
 7   Reason for buy-back                             Refer to ASX Announcement
                                                     dated 20 November 2006
 8   Any other information material to a             Refer to ASX Announcement
     shareholder's decision whether to accept the    dated 20 November 2006
     offer (eg, details of any proposed takeover     --------------------------

(1)  These shares will be issued on implementaion of Unification 
     (4 December 2006)

On-market buy-back

  9   Name of broker who will act on the             UBS AG
      company's behalf                               ---------------------------
 10   Deleted 30/9/2001.
 11   If the company intends to buy back a           N/A
      maximum number of shares - that number
      Note: This requires a figure to be
      included, not a percentage.                    ---------------------------
 12   If the company intends to buy back shares   The Company intends to buy
      within a period of time - that period of    back shares during the period
      time; if the company intends that the       commencing on 5 December 2006
      buy-back be of unlimited duration - that    until 5 December 2007
      intention                                      ---------------------------
 13   If the company intends to buy back shares      N/A
      if conditions are met - those conditions       ---------------------------

Employee share scheme buy-back

 14   Number of shares proposed to be bought back   N/A
 15   Price to be offered for shares                N/A

Selective buy-back

 16   Name of person or description of class of     N/A
      person whose shares are proposed to be        --------------------------
      bought back
 17   Number of shares proposed to be bought back   N/A
 18   Price to be offered for shares                N/A

Equal access scheme

 19   Percentage of shares proposed to be bought    N/A
      back                                          --------------------------
 20   Total number of shares proposed to be         N/A
      bought back if all offers are accepted        --------------------------
 21   Price to be offered for shares                N/A
 22   +Record date for participation in offer       N/A
      Cross reference: Appendix 7A, clause 9.

Compliance statement

1. The company is in compliance with all Corporations Act requirements relevant
to this buy-back.

2. There is no information that the listing rules require to be disclosed that
has not already been disclosed, or is not contained in, or attached to, this

Sign here: .............................. Date: 1 December 2006
(Company secretary)

Print name: C A van der Laan de Vries

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