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NorthumbrianWaterGrp (NWG)

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Wednesday 26 July, 2006


Holding(s) in Company

Northumbrian Water Group PLC
26 July 2006


  All relevant boxes should be completed in block capital letters.

  1.  Name of listed company              2.  Name of shareholder with a major
      Northumbrian Water Group plc            Barclays plc
  3.  Please state whether notification   4.  Name of the registered holder(s)
      indicates that it is regarding          and, if more than one holder, the
      the holding of the shareholder          number of shares held by each of
      named in 2 above; in respect of a       them
      non-beneficial interest; or in
      the case of an individual holder
      if it is a holding of that
      person's spouse or children under
      the age of 18
      As 2 above                              Please refer to attached list
  5.  Number of  6.  Percentage of        7.  Number of     8.  Percentage of
      shares/        issued class (any        shares/           issued class
      amount of      treasury shares          amount of         (any treasury
      stock          held by the listed       stock             shares held by
      acquired       company should not       disposed          the listed
                     be taken into                              company should
                     account when                               not be taken
                     calculating                                into account
                     percentage)                                when calculating
      Not            Not disclosed            Not               Not disclosed
      disclosed                               disclosed
  9.  Class of security                  10.  Date of      11.  Date listed
                                              transaction       company informed
      Ordinary 10p shares                     Not               26 July 2006
  12  Total holding following this       13   Total percentage holding of issued
      notification                            class following this notification
                                              (any treasury shares held by the
                                              listed company should not be taken
                                              into account when calculating
      25,646,581                              4.95%

 14   Any additional            15   Name of contact and telephone number for
      information                    queries
      Not disclosed                  Jayne Powell, 0191 301 6704
 16   Name and signature of duly authorised officer of the listed company
      responsible for making this notification
      Jayne Powell, Assistant Company Secretary
 Date of notification: 26 July 2006

Registered Name                                               Shares held
Bank of Ireland 426353                                                 744,250
Barclays Bank plc (Singapore)                                            3,500
Barclays Capital Nominees Limited                                      264,477
Barclays Capital Nominees Limited                                    1,007,658
Barclays Capital Nominees Limited                                      190,000
Barclays Trust Co R69 C 000000000000000000                               1,300
BNP Paribas                                                             69,642
Boiss Nominees Ltd 4224361                                             356,360
Chase Nominees Ltd 16376                                               196,332
Chase Nominees Ltd 20947                                            11,651,125
Chase Nominees Ltd 21359                                               555,626
Chase Nominees Ltd 28270                                               135,874
Chase Nominees Ltd 28270                                               136,343
CIBC Mellon Global Securities                                           57,310
Investors Bank and Trust Co                                             92,106
Investors Bank and Trust Co                                            419,221
Investors Bank and Trust Co                                          1,133,309
Investors Bank and Trust Co                                          2,661,558
Investors Bank and Trust Co                                             28,931
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16331                                          108,073
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16341                                          225,250
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16341                                          320,543
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16344                                          146,828
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16345                                          214,455
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 16400                                        3,118,518
JP Morgan (BGI Custody) 18409                                          298,241
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                    37,989
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                    27,879
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                   118,049
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                   411,348
Mellon Trust US Custodian                                              121,239
Mellon Trust of New England                                             76,249
Northern Trust Bank - BGI SEPA                                         183,384
Northern Trust Bank - BGI SEPA                                         152,171
Northern Trust Bank - BGI SEPA                                          40,218
R C Greig Nominees Ltd                                                  23,800
R C Greig Nominees Ltd a/c BL1                                           2,815
R C Greig Nominees Ltd a/c CM1                                           4,440
R C Greig Nominees Ltd SA1                                               3,000
State Street Bank & Trust - WI                                          75,655
State Street Bank and Trust Co                                          21,159
State Street Trust of Canada -                                         122,604
The Northern Trust Company - U                                          87,752
                                                      TOTAL         25,646,581

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            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange