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Thursday 01 December, 2005

Union Resources Ltd

Drilling Report

Union Resources Limited
01 December 2005

news release

For immediate release: 1 December 2005

                            UNION RESOURCES LIMITED

                    Further Drilling Results from Mehdiabad

BRISBANE 1 DECEMBER 2005: Union Resources Limited (Union) announces the results
of a further six drill holes from the Mehdiabad Zinc Project in Iran.

The holes are part of a program of in fill drilling and have intersected both
the main zinc resource and the separate high level lead resource, which occurs
along the western edge of the deposit.

The significant zinc intersections set out below are at a cut-off of either 4%
zinc (Zn) or 4% lead (Pb) and with a maximum of 3.0 metres of internal waste
over a minimum mining thickness of 5.0 metres.

The details are:

HOLE 8323 ( 11,050 E/ 9550 N)


13.0m (343.0-356.0m) at 6.25% Zn, 2.18 % Pb and 27 g/t silver (Ag) .

HOLE 8325 ( 11,100 E/ 8700 N)


26.0m (270.0-296.0m) at 5.50% Zn, 1.48% Pb and 38 g/t Ag.

18.0m (311.0 - 329.0m) at 4.90% Zn, 0.95% Pb and 17 g/t Ag.

5.0m (333.0 - 338.0m) at 6.48% Zn, 2.04% Pb and 24 g/t Ag.

HOLE 8331 (10,900E /9,100N)


6.0m (162.0-168.0m) at 6.49% Pb, 2.33% Zn and 71 g/t Ag

6.0m (226.0-232.0m) at 4.00% Pb, 3.28% Zn and 66 g/t Ag


6.0m (121.0-127.0m) at 4.29% Zn, 2.01% Pb and 38 g/t Ag

11.0m (144.0-155.0m) at 4.49% Zn, 2.15% Pb and 24 g/t Ag

83.0m (239.0-322.0m) at 6.96% Zn, 2.10% Pb and 57 g/t Ag,

(including 35.0m (287.0-322.0m) at 9.02% Zn, 1.96% Pb and 48 g/t Ag.

This interval also includes 7.0m (304.0-311.0m) at 13.55% Zn, 3.01% Pb and 65 g/
t Ag.)

11.0m (333.0-344.0m) at 9.60% Zn, 1.59% Pb and 45 g/t Ag

including 2.0m (335.0-337.0m) at 17.00% Zn, 2.70% Pb and 61 g/t Ag

HOLE 8417 - (11,400E /9,400N)


5.0m (235.0-240.0m) at 17.64% Zn, 4.92% Pb and 20 g/t Ag

Including 3.0m (235.0-238.0m) at 25.17% Zn, 2.91% Pb and 14 g/t Ag

8.0m (250.0-258.0m) at 6.62% Zn, 2.58% Pb and 11 g/t Ag

Including 2.0m (255.0-257.0m) at 16.27% Zn, 7401% Pb and 27 g/t Ag

HOLE 8420 - (10,900E /9,300N)


6.0m (79.0-85.0m) at 4.24% Pb, 0.25% Zn and 96 g/t Ag

6.0m (97.0-103.0m) at 4.10% Pb, 0.27% Zn and 118 g/t Ag

5.0m (122.0-127.0m) at 4.00% Pb, 0.37% Zn and 39 g/t Ag

5.0m (147.0-152.0m) at 4.14% Pb, 2.69% Zn and 55 g/t Ag

6.8m (323.0-329.8m) at 5.15% Pb, 1.00% Zn and 77 g/t Ag


34.0m (186.0-220.0m) at 4.74% Zn, 1.00% Pb and 32 g/t Ag

8.0m (223.0-231.0m) at 4.19% Zn, 1.55% Pb and 48 g/t Ag

5.0m (275.0-280.0m) at 4.00% Zn, 5.48% Pb and 74 g/t Ag

12.0m (301.0-313.0m) at 4.15% Zn, 2.05% Pb and 78 g/t Ag

15.2m (329.8-345.0m) at 6.15% Zn, 3.97% Pb and 83 g/t Ag

HOLE 8422  ( 11,600 E/ 9100 N)


10.0 m (138.0 - 148.0m) at 16.48% Zn, 1.23% Pb and 3 g/t Ag

(including 5.0m( 142.0-147.0m) at 22.34% Zn, 1.66% Pb and 3 g/t Ag.)

Drilling at Mehdiabad is now focussed on geotechnical investigation of the pit
and waste dump site and on sterilisation under the waste dump.  Union expects
that there will be further in fill or resource definition drilling at a later

However, whilst it has been Union's practice until now to announce all drilling
results, the definition drilling is no longer considered material to the
resource and hence individual drill hole results will be no longer announced.

Only new exploration results outside the known resource area will be separately

The mineral resources information in this Report is based on, and accurately
reflects, information compiled by Mr Ken Chapple who is a Corporate Member of
the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Mr Chapple has the relevant
experience in relation to the mineralisation being reported upon to qualify as a
Competent Person as defined in the Australasian Code for Reporting of Identified
Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.


For further information:

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