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Jurys Doyle HotelGrp (JDH)

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Thursday 20 October, 2005

Jurys Doyle HotelGrp

Holding in Company

Jurys Doyle Hotel Group PLC
20 October 2005

Notification to The Company Secretary, Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc, 146 Pembroke
Road,  Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 from William Fry Solicitors received by Jurys on 18
October 2005


This notification is made by O'Connell Holdings Limited in fulfilment of the
statutory obligation imposed on it by Section 67(1) of the Companies Act 1990.

Name of Company to which notification relates (the '   Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc
Number of shares notifying party has an interest in                     25,068,228 (Note A)
after obligation to notify arose (not taking into
account interests attributable pursuant to Section 73
and 74 of the Companies Act 1990 (see below)):-
Class of Shares Acquired:                              Ordinary shares of €0.32 each.
Date of event:-                                                           12 October 2005

This notification is made consequent on the acquisition on 12 October 2005 of
2,686,809 Ordinary Shares in the Company by Aurum Nominees Limited on behalf of
JDH Acquisitions plc, a company in respect of which the party making this
notification has with certain of the parties listed in the Schedule together an
interest of the type referred to in Section 72(2)(b) of the Companies Act 1990.
The total number of shares in the Company in respect of which an interest has
been acquired by JDH Acquisitions plc as at close of business on 12 October 2005
was 2,686,809. It is intended that these shares will be registered in the name
of Aurum Nominees Limited Account Number A02075.

O'Connell Holdings Limited is a party to an agreement of the type to which
Section 73 of the Companies Act 1990 applies.  That agreement is with the
parties listed in Schedule 1 hereto. An interest in shares in the Company was
first acquired by Aurum Nominees Limited on behalf of JDH Acquisitions plc
pursuant to this agreement on 12 October 2005.

This notification further relates to irrevocable undertakings given to JDH
Acquisitions plc by shareholders in Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc in respect of
Ordinary Shares of €0.32 each and those individuals who hold options in respect
of Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc Ordinary Shares of €0.32 each, such irrevocable
undertakings relating to 27,113,235 Ordinary Shares in issue and 2,842,500
Ordinary Shares issuable pursuant to options details of which are set out in
Schedule 2.

Pursuant to Section 74 of the Companies Act 1990, O'Connell Holdings Limited
hereby confirms that following the above acquisition the total number of shares
in the capital of the Company in which it had an interest, taking into account
those shares in which it was deemed to have an interest pursuant to the said
Sections 73 and 74 and the aforementioned agreement, was 29,265,444.  Following
the above acquisition, the number of shares in which O'Connell Holdings Limited
had an interest by virtue of the said Section 73 was 25,068,228.

Note A:            These shares comprise the shares registered in the name of
O'Connell Holdings Limited referred to in the Schedule overleaf and the shares
acquired on behalf of JDH Acquisitions plc referred to above.


                   Names and Addresses of Parties to the Agreement to which Section 73,

                                        Companies Act 1990 applies:
Name                                 Number of Shares in respect
                                      of which each such person
                                         is registered owner
Thomas J Roche                                 237,113

Ann Roche                                     3,098,913

                                              (Note 1)
Conor Roche                                    930,757
Michelle Roche                                 930,757

Bernadette Gallagher                          4,960,426

                                              (Note 2)
John Gallagher                                 237,113
Eileen Monahan                                4,541,587

                                              (Note 3)
Raymond Monahan                                237,113
Ruth Monahan                                   418,841
Walter Beatty                                  487,762

                                              (Note 4)
Frances Beatty                                 487,762

                                              (Note 4)
Walter Beatty                                  48,063

                                              (Note 5)
Louie Beatty                                   35,444

                                              (Note 5)
Liam Beatty                                    12,007
Lorraine Schaeffer                              1,242
Robert Beatty                                   3,845
BT Trust                                      4,020,107
Royal Link Restaurant Limited                 1,537,438
O'Connell Holdings Limited                    1,510,407
Mrs Elizabeth Nelson                           36,823
In addition, Netherfield Developments Limited of Millennium Tower, Charlotte Quay Dock, Ringsend Road,
Dublin 4 is acting pursuant to this Agreement and is the legal and beneficial owner of 3,295,423 shares.

schedule 2

Note 1: The beneficial owners (in equal numbers) of 1,861,514 of these shares
held by Mrs Ann Roche are Joanne Roche and John Roche.

Note 2: The beneficial owners (in equal numbers) of 1,675,362 of these shares
held by Mrs Bernadette Gallagher are Nicole Gallagher, Rachel Gallagher and Mark

Note 3: The beneficial owners (in equal numbers) of 1,256,523 of these shares
held by Mrs Eileen Monahan are Yvette Monahan, Neil Monahan and John Monahan.

Note 4: These shares are jointly owned by both Walter Beatty (Snr) and his wife
Frances Beatty.

Note 5: 2,546 shares are jointly owned between Walter Beatty (Jnr) and his
brother Louie Beatty.

SIGNED:         _________________________

For and on Behalf of

O'Connell Holdings Limited

DATED:      __________________________


This announcement has been issued through the Companies Announcement Service of
                           the Irish Stock Exchange.


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            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange