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Brambles Industries (BI.)

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Tuesday 16 March, 2004

Brambles Industries

Holding(s) in Company

Brambles Industries PLC
16 March 2004



1)    Name of company

      Brambles Industries plc

2)    Name of shareholder having a major interest

      FMR Corp. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, and Fidelity

      International Limited (FIL) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries

3)    Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of
      holding of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a
      non-beneficial interest or in the case of an individual holder if it is a
      holding of that person's spouse or children under the age of 18

      Funds under management (Non beneficial)

4)    Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the
      number of shares held by each of them

      See list below

5)    Number of shares/amount of stock acquired


6)    Percentage of issued class


7)    Number of shares/amount of stock disposed


8)    Percentage of issued class


9)    Class of security

      Ordinary shares of 5p each

10)   Date of transaction

      Not advised

11)   Date company informed

      15 March 2004

12)   Total holding following this notification


13)   Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification


14)   Any additional information

15)   Name of contact and telephone number for queries

      Sandra Walters - 020 7659 6039

16)   Name of authorised company official responsible for
      making this notification

      Sandra Walters, Assistant Company Secretary

      Date of notification 16 March 2004

Nominee/Registered Holders                    Management Company   Holding

State Street Nominees Limited                 FMRCO                     26,900
State Street Nominees Ltd.                    FMTC                   2,218,600
Lloyds Bank Nominees Limited                  FMTC                     988,400
Chase Nominees Ltd.                           FMTC                     681,400
BT Globenet Nominees Limited                  FMTC                   1,178,200
Mellon Bank                                   FMTC                     221,200
State Street Bank & Trust                     FMTC                   1,437,300
J P Morgan                                    FMTC                     241,200
Nortrust Nominees                             FMTC                       3,300
Northern Trust                                FMTC                     408,799
Goldman Sachs and Co.                         FMTC                      53,400
Morgan Stanley Trust Co. Nominees Limited     FMTC                       2,200
MSS Nominees Limited                          FMTC                     354,000
Bank of New York                              FMTC                     227,700
Rights & Co.                                  FMTC                      50,000
Chase Manhattan Bank London                   FISL                  11,206,900
Bank of Butterfield                           FPM                       44,200
Chase Nominees Ltd                            FPM                    2,314,300
Northern Trust                                FPM                    1,264,000
Bank of New York London                       FPM                      808,800
Deutsche Bank                                 FPM                       73,300
Citibank                                      FPM                      555,000
HSBC                                          FPM                      951,800
HSBC Client Holdings Nominee (UK) Limited     FIL                   20,476,456
Chase Manhattan Bank London                   FIL                    2,436,399
Northern Trust                                FIL                    4,180,700
State Street Bank & Trust                     FIL                    1,924,672
Bank of New York London                       FIL                    3,725,396
Chase Nominees Ltd                            FIL                    3,431,148
Nortrust Nominees Ltd                         FIL                    2,078,600
Deutsche Bank                                 FIL                    2,072,987
Citibank                                      FIL                      171,500
Clydesdale Bank (Head Office)Nominees         FIL                    1,132,200
Mellon Nominees Ltd                           FIL                      131,800
Bank of New York, Brussels                    FIL                      789,100
Northern Trust London                         FIL                      374,900
Master Trust Bank of Japan                    FIL                       34,300
National Australia Bank                       FIL                       96,400
JP Morgan                                     FIL                    2,119,900
ING Luxembourg                                FIL                       32,860
Bermuda Far East                              FIL                       37,300
Chase Nominees Ltd (Australia)                FIL                       62,180
Bankers Trust                                 FIL                      174,600
Mitsubishi Trust                              FIL                       12,400
State Street Nominees Ltd                     FIL                      509,200
Morgan Stanley                                FIL                      747,900
PICG                                          FIL                        9,400
Chase Manhattan Bank AG Frankfurt             FIL                      169,900
State Street Hong Kong                        FIL                       22,400

NB  FMRCO = Fidelity Management & Research Company, of which
            FMR Corp is the parent company

    FMTC = Fidelity Management Trust Company, of which FMR
           Corp is the parent company

    FPM = Fidelity Pension Management, of which FIL is the
          parent company

    FISL = Fidelity Investment Services Ltd, of which FIL is the parent

                      This information is provided by RNS
            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange