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Paladin Resources (PLR)

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Tuesday 19 August, 2003

Paladin Resources

Holding(s) in Company

Paladin Resources PLC
19 August 2003

                                   SCHEDULE 10



All relevant boxes should be completed in block capital letters.

1.  Name of company                         2.   Name of shareholder having a major interest

PALADIN RESOURCES PLC                             BARCLAYS PLC

3. Please state whether notification        4.   Name of the registered holder(s)and, if more
indicates that it is in respect of holding  than one holder, the number of shares held by each
of the shareholder named in 2 above or in   of them
respect of a non-beneficial interest or in
the case of an individual holder if it is a       PLEASE SEE ATTACHED LIST
holding of that person's spouse or children
under the age of 18


5. Number of shares/    6. Percentage of    7. Number of shares/     8. Percentage of issued
amount of stock         issued class        amount of stock disposed class
    NOT NOTIFIED        NOT NOTIFIED           N/A                   N/A

9. Class of security                     10. Date of transaction 11. Date company informed

ORDINARY £0.10                           31/07/03                18/08/03

12. Total holding following this         13. Total percentage holding of issued class following
notification 13,212,755                  this notification  4.1144

14. Any additional information N/A      15. Name of contact and telephone number for queries

                                        SIMON GRAY, BURNESS, 0131 473 6137

16. Name and signature of authorised company official
    responsible for making this notification CAZENOVE ON BEHALF OF PALADIN RESOURCES PLC

Date of notification 19/08/ 2003

Company Announcement Office, Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HP
Facsimile: 020 7588 6057, 020 7334 8964/8965/8966 (PLEASE DO NOT POST)
Enquiries: Company Monitoring and Enquiries, UK Listing Authority

REGISTERED HOLDER                         A/C DESIGNATION        HOLDING

ALMLUFTTL-18409-CHASE MANHATTA            ALMLUFTT               106,497
ALSMCOTTL-16482-CHASE MANHATTA            ALSMCOTT               1,819,580
ASTEXMTTL-21359-CHASE MANHATTA            ASTEXMTT               431,795
ASUKEXTTL-20947-CHASE MANHATTA            ASUKEXTT               6,912,463
BARCLAYS TRUST CO AS EXEC/ADM                                    4,924
BLENTFUKQ-16344-CHASE MANHATTA            BLENTFUK               109,883
BLENTPUKQ-16345-CHASE MANHATTA            BLENTPUK               177,176
BLEQFDUKQ-16331-CHASE MANHATTA            BLEOFDUK               138,011
BLEQPTUEA-16341-CHASE MANHATTA            BLEOPTUE               475,183
BLEQPTUKQ-16341-CHASE MANHATTA            BLEOPTUK               338,127
BLUNKINTTL-16400-CHASE MANHATTA           BLUKITT                1,632,737
CHASE MANHATTAN BANK                      527191                 623,756
CHASE MANHATTAN BANK                      536747                 132,205
CHATRKTTL-16376-CHASE MANHATTA            CHATRKTT               158,227
JPMORGAN CHASE BANK                       540186                 66,044
MELLON                                    600282                 20,982
NORTHERN TRUST BANK - BGI SEPA            581610                 38,163
NORTHERN TRUST BANK - BGI SEPA            584069                 27,002

LEGAL ENTITY                              HOLDING               PERCENTAGE HELD

BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORS LTD             11,061,299            3.4445
BARCLAYS LIFE ASSURANCE CO LTD            1,238,380             0.3856
BARCLAYS GLOBAL INV AUSTRALIA LTD         66,044                0.0206
BARCLAYS BANK TRUST COMPANY LTD           4,924                 0.0015
BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORS, N.A            842,108               0.02622

                      This information is provided by RNS
            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange