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Brambles Industries (BI.)

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Wednesday 04 June, 2003

Brambles Industries

Holding(s) in Company

Brambles Industries PLC
04 June 2003



1)   Name of company

     Brambles Industries plc

2)   Name of shareholder having a major interest

     The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

3)   Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of
     holding of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a
     non-beneficial interest or in the case of an individual holder if it is a
     holding of that person's spouse or children under the age of 18

     On behalf of its affiliates

4)   Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the
     number of shares held by each of them

     See list appended

5)   Number of shares/amount of stock acquired

     Not advised

6)   Percentage of issued class

     Not advised

7)   Number of shares/amount of stock disposed


8)   Percentage of issued class


9)   Class of security

     Ordinary shares of 5p each

10)  Date of transaction

     2 June 2003

11)  Date company informed

     3 June 2003

12)  Total holding following this notification


13)  Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification


14)  Any additional information

15)  Name of contact and telephone number for queries

     Sandra Walters  - 020 7659 6039

16)  Name of authorised company official responsible for
     making this notification

     Sandra Walters, Assistant Company Secretary

     Date of notification 4 June 2003

Details of Registered Holders

Capital Guardian Trust Company                                                                  4.63%

Bank of New York Nominees                                                       673,381
Nortrust Nominees                                                             3,933,700
ROY Nominees Limited                                                             37,800
MSS Nominees Limited                                                             39,100
Royal Bank of Scotland                                                           21,600
Mellon Nominees (UK) Limited                                                    712,290
Citibank London                                                                 441,959
Barclays Bank, Barclays Global                                                  626,900
   Securities Services
Bankers Trust                                                                 1,542,700
Midland Bank plc                                                              5,619,100
Chase Nominees Limited                                                       13,566,099
State Street Nominees Limited                                                 5,927,000
BT Globenet Nominees Ltd.                                                       384,244
     Total                                                                   33,525,873

Capital International Limited                                                                   2.56%

Bank One London                                                                 321,780
Lloyds Bank                                                                      97,700
Deutsche Bank AG                                                                548,200
HSBC Bank plc                                                                   823,840
Mellon Bank N.A.                                                                370,804
Northern Trust AVFC                                                             246,800
State Street Bank & Trust Co                                                    335,686
Mellon Nominees (UK) Limited                                                    299,000
Barclays Bank, Barclays Global                                                  225,100
   Securities Services
KAS UK                                                                           31,415
MSS Nominees Limited                                                            194,000
Royal Bank of Scotland                                                           39,500
Nortrust Nominees                                                             2,574,277
Citibank London                                                                 375,600
Bankers Trust                                                                 1,949,668
Midland Bank plc                                                                236,500
Chase Nominees Limited                                                        4,159,476
Bank of New York Nominees                                                     4,528,910
State Street Nominees Limited                                                   571,181
Clydesdale Bank plc                                                             114,800
Morgan Guaranty                                                                 246,045
Northern Trust                                                                  205,515
     Total                                                                   18,495,797

Capital International S.A.                                                                      1.59%

HSBC Bank plc                                                                   324,940
State Street Bank & Trust Co.                                                    44,300
National Westminster Bank                                                       236,000
Lloyds Bank                                                                      58,156
RBSTB Nominees Ltd.                                                              63,400
J.P. Morgan                                                                   1,215,136
Deutsche Bank AG                                                                401,746
Citibank London                                                                  36,000
Citibank NA                                                                      53,300
Royal Bank of Scotland                                                        2,448,997
Morgan Stanley                                                                   40,300
State Street Nominees Limited                                                    40,900
Brown Bros.                                                                     139,900
Barclays Bank, Barclays Global                                                1,232,900
   Securities Services
Midland Bank plc                                                                998,400
Credit Suisse London Branch                                                      93,600
Chase Nominees Limited                                                        3,949,018
Bank of New York Nominees                                                        77,500
Nortrust Nominees                                                                36,200
     Total                                                                   11,490,693

Capital International Inc.                                                                      0.42%

Chase Nominees Limited                                                          101,900
HSBC Bank plc                                                                    32,000
Deutsche Bank AG                                                                 14,800
RBSTB Nominees Ltd.                                                              52,900
State Street Bank & Trust Co                                                    256,700
Royal Bank of Scotland                                                          302,900
Nortrust Nominees                                                               319,726
Citibank London                                                                  22,400
Midland Bank plc                                                                214,200
Bank of New York Nominees                                                       155,000
State Street Nominees Limited                                                 1,551,300
Bankers Trust                                                                    19,000
     Total                                                                    3,042,826

Capital Research and Management Company                                                         5.50%

State Street Nominees Limited                                                 4,400,000
Chase Nominees Limited                                                       35,389,434
     Total                                                                   39,789,434

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