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ZarlinkSemiconductor (55PT)

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Tuesday 25 September, 2001


Product Launch

Zarlink Semiconductor Incorporated
25 September 2001

 Zarlink advances TDM leadership - delivers industry's highest capacity, most
                       flexible digital switching chips

- Industry's highest-capacity commercial TDM blocking chip now in production

- Highest capacity TDM non-blocking chip now sampling

Ottawa, Canada - Zarlink Semiconductor (NYSE/TSE:ZL) today announced immediate
availability of the world's highest-capacity blocking and non-blocking TDM
(time division multiplexing) switches. Offering the industry's most flexible
TDM architecture with four modes of switching, these off-the-shelf devices
allow designers to cost-effectively process thousands of voice/data channels
in multi-service, wide area network (WAN) access equipment.

Service providers are continually introducing new voice, data, and video
services that are driving demand for multi-service networking equipment with
higher bandwidth and flexibility. Zarlink's new chips are optimised for use in
high-bandwidth TDM switching equipment, including central office switches,
digital loop carriers, mediation switches, access concentrators, media
gateways, and wireless base station controllers.

'Our new high capacity, high flexibility TDM chips strengthen our position as
the industry's leading provider of TDM switches,' said Kam Aite, product line
manager, Zarlink Semiconductor. 'These devices help ease the design of high
reliability carrier-class equipment with low power consumption and a small
footprint, with the flexibility needed to process thousands of voice and data
links in a single chassis.'

Four-in-one architecture optimises flexibility

Zarlink's unique four-in-one architecture boosts the performance and
flexibility of TDM-based voice and data equipment, enabling high bandwidth,
stream-to-stream switching, at any rate. These devices offer a four-mode
switching matrix: backplane to local, local to backplane, local to local, and
backplane to backplane, at speeds ranging from two- to 32-megabits per second

The MT90868 high bandwidth switch (HBX) is the industry's highest density TDM
blocking switch now in production. The device provides timeslot interchange
capacity of 32,768 channels x 8,192-channels between backplane and local
streams, with access to 32K channels on the backplane, and data rates up to 32

The MT90869 flexible 16k digital switch (F16kDX) is the industry's highest
density TDM non-blocking switching device and is now available for sampling.
The device offers 16,384 channels x 16,384-channel unidirectional capacity,
and also functions as a dual non-blocking switch with a capacity of 8,192 x
8,192 channels from backplane to local, and local to backplane streams. The
MT90869 is the industry's lowest power 16k x 16k switch, with typical
consumption of only 576 milliwatts (mW).

The MT90870 flexible 12k digital switch (F12kDX) is a flexible, high bandwidth
TDM non-blocking switch offering 12,288 channels x 12,288 channels switching
capacity. The device can also be used as a blocking switch with a capacity of
8,192 channels x 4,096 channels.

Price and Availability

The MT90868 is now in production, priced at US$210 in quantities of 1,000 and
packaged in a 466-ball plastic ball grid array (PBGA). The MT90869 and MT90870
are now sampling. The MT90869 sells for US$105 in 1k quantities and is housed
in a 272-ball PBGA. The MT90870 is priced at US$84 for 1k, and uses a 272-ball

About Zarlink Semiconductor

Zarlink employs its formidable analogue, digital and mixed-signal capabilities
to offer the most compelling products for wired, wireless and optical
connectivity markets and ultra low-power medical applications. For more
information, visit

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