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Tuesday 28 November, 2000

Toad PLC

Telematics Expansion

Toad PLC
28 November 2000

                                TOAD plc
                    prepares for telematics expansion
                Stephen Wheatley appointed Chief Executive
Britain's number one car security, car audio and specialist mobile multi-
media company is expanding its business operations with the launch of its
new  TOAD Telematics trading division.  TOAD plc is currently undertaking
a  series of negotiations to position the company as a frontrunner in the
field  of vehicle telematic systems - with plans to launch a new  branded
service next year.

TOAD  believes  that  the market, which analysts are predicting  will  be
worth  in  excess  of £30 billion by 2010, requires a  low-cost  location
device  linked  to  a  range of 'pay as you go'  services  such  as  SOS,
navigation,  traffic  information, route guidance, hotel  and  restaurant
guides  and booking, nearest petrol station routing, e-mail, and internet
access  on  demand  -  and  all voice activated  -  supported  by  TOAD's
extensive call centre, distribution and installation infrastructure.

The  company, which reported net profits up over 300% to £2  million,  on
£32  million  turnover  during 1999, will continue  to  expand  its  core
business both in the UK and across Europe, with its planned joint venture
in  France scheduled to launch in Paris in March next year.  The  trading
format  will  provide the blueprint for rolling out TOAD's  products  and
services across Europe.

TOAD's  new  drive  into  the telematics sphere will  be  spearheaded  by
Stephen  Wheatley, who was today appointed as the new Chief Executive  of
TOAD plc. Mr Wheatley, who was a founder of Tracker Network plc from  its
formation until it was sold last year, was one of the original team  that
established Tracker Network plc in the UK and is a leading expert in  the
telematic  market, with considerable experience in launching new  vehicle
technology systems.

John Lewin, CEO for the past three years, will take on a special projects
role, responsible for the development of the existing core business.

The  decision to appoint Stephen Wheatley as the new Chief Executive  was
formally  ratified by the Board on 27 November 2000 and his  appointment,
and  the resignation from the Board of John Lewin, will be effective from

Dr  Chris Evans OBE, TOAD's chairman, said today; 'Toad is recognised  as
one of the country's leading car technology companies and has an existing
operational  infrastructure  and customer  database  which  is  perfectly
suited  to deliver new technology products and services into the  vehicle
aftermarket.  We have spent the past year testing and analysing the  UK's
existing  telematics  products and I am delighted that  Stephen  will  be
taking the company into this exciting and dynamic new market.

'John  Lewin  will  hand  over  to  Stephen  Wheatley  as  CEO  but  will
concentrate his proven talents on business development.  He has  done  an
excellent job and the company's current healthy commercial position is  a
credit to his tireless efforts over the last three years'.

Stephen  Wheatley, TOAD's new chief executive, said;  'While our dominant
position   will  remain  in  the  automotive  multi-media  and   security
marketplace, we intend to maximise on our extensive customer base of  the
leading  insurance,  fleet, and leasing companies to  build  a  prominent
position in this new and exciting market.

'The  motor  car  is  increasingly becoming the platform  for  access  to
services which have traditionally been available through fixed land lines
-  but  this is changing rapidly and radically.  However the real  future
value  is not in the supply of hardware but the ability to provide access
to the services that the systems require.

 'Open architecture software which releases the potential of the hardware
is the key to future growth.'

John  Lewin said; 'I am excited at the prospect of Stephen Wheatley, with
all  his  extensive experience in telematics, now taking over as CEO  and
driving  the  company  forward  to build  a  substantial  new  telematics

        Stephen Wheatley may be contacted at Toad on 020-8710 4016.

          Stuart Gall, marketing director, is on 020-8710 4016.

Issued on behalf of TOAD plc
November 27th 2000
By Tony Edwards
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FAX 01932 336131