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West 175 Media Grp (WEP)

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Friday 26 May, 2000

West 175 Media Grp

Acquisition, etc

West 175 Media Group Inc
26 May 2000

                     WEST 175 MEDIA GROUP INC: ACQUISITION
West 175 Media Group Inc ('West 175') the lifestyle media group listed on AIM,
announces  that  it has exercised its option to purchase 60 per  cent  of  the
ordinary  share  capital  of Actrix Networks ('Actrix'),  an  established  and
profitable  business  to business ISP in New Zealand,  for  approximately  NZ$
960,000 (UK £298,896).   This follows the announcement at the Group's  AGM  on
November 4th 1999.

The  consideration  is to be satisfied entirely by the issue  of  118,281  new
shares being issued by West 175 direct to the vendor, Mr. Hal King, the  Chief
Executive  of Actrix.   Application will be made for the new common shares  in
West  175  which  rank pari passu in all respects with the Company's  existing
common or ordinary shares, to be admitted to trading on AIM.

Actrix has been established for 10 years.  It is the oldest ISP in New Zealand
and  the  fifth oldest in the world.  It has a highly web-literate  management
team  which  will  be  deployed across West 175's  group  of  companies.   The
management will continue to remain with the business.

Actrix  has  over  10,000 subscribers 30 per cent of  which  are  business  to
business  and growing rapidly.  This is more than treble the 3000  it  had  in
March  99  and reflects the growing satisfaction amongst high volume users  of
Actrix  independent backbone now operational.  General ISP services to  retail
customers  include:  hosting; design, and high  speed  connections.   It  also
offers  a  range  of  enhanced services to its business  customers  including:
intranet  telephony; unified messaging; virtual private networks  and  virtual
ISPs.  In  terms  of numbers of business subscribers, it is among  the  market
leaders  in  New  Zealand. Customers include The Inland Revenue,  Ministry  of
Defence,  Internet  Society  of New Zealand , Wellington  Newspapers,  the  US
Embassy and the French Embassy.

Commenting,  Rohan Courtney, Chairman of West 175 said: 'We are  delighted  to
add  Actrix  to  the West 175 group of companies, as a cash positive  business
with  considerable expansion potential. It has almost unlimited bandwidth  and
is one of only three internet companies with an independent backbone providing
exclusive internet traffic for customers.'

Mr.  Courtney  added:  'New Zealand is an attractive internet market  and  our
position as a regional media owner can do much to accelerate subscriber growth
and add value to Actrix as an acquisition in the short term. In particular, we
plan  to  provide new services, such as voice internet telephony services  for
retail  and business customers. Actrix will also be providing virtualised  ISP
services to link in with our television and radio stations.'

John  McEwen, Chief Executive of West 175 said:  'Actrix is an important  step
for  us.   By  integrating  our activities, we can  offer  a  unique  one-stop
provision  of all aspects of lifestyle entertainment coupled with  interactive
distribution.   We produce the television programmes, publish  the  associated
books  and merchandise which are then sold via our own internet and toll  free
sites  and  live  events.   In New Zealand, we can use  our  own  broadcasting
stations  to publicise all our activities and products.  In this  way  we  can
both  promote  the group and satisfy consumer demand on many different  levels
from within our own operations.'

Commenting,  the  owner  of  Actrix Hal King said:   'I  am  pleased  to  have
concluded  the  deal  with  West  and  am  looking  forward  to  the  exciting
opportunities that the new relationship will bring.   Actrix will now be  able
to compete more aggressively in the New Zealand marketplace.'

Rohan Courtney,Chairman,West 175 Media Group Inc.                020 8398 7175
                                          Mobile                 07879 498 544
Peter Binns, Binns & Co.                                         020 7786 9600

Editor's notes:

West  175 Media Group Inc. is a world-wide media company specialising  in  all
aspects  of  lifestyle  broadcasting,  programmed  production,  merchandising,
publishing  and live events.  Its activities, are concentrated in  the  United
States, UK and New Zealand, where it employs some 200 people world-wide.

The  Company's activities extend from the production of corporate  and  public
live events, television and consumer programme production and broadcasting, to
product   fulfilment,  merchandising,  publishing,  e-commerce  and  internet
service provision.

West   175  owns  three  commercial  television  franchises  in  New   Zealand
(Christchurch  /  CHTV  Mercury  TV  and  Dunedin  /  Channel   9),   reaching
approximately 450,000 people, a market worth some NZ$180m.

Whilst New Zealand has a small population spread over a wide geographic  area,
in  terms  of  domain per population, it is one of the world's most  networked
countries.  IDC Corporation estimates that New Zealand will have  one  of  the
highest growth rates in electronic commerce in the world and forecast that
one-third of all New Zealand consumers will be online by 2002.

In  the medium term, West 175 plans to migrate its TV audience to the internet
with  the  help of a new age set top box which will deliver internet  services
through  the  domestic  television.  Test cases  are  being  marketed  to  two
separate  local  communities, a union of farmers and a  certain  Maori  tribe,
which together account for approximately 80,000 householders in total.