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Wednesday 10 May, 2000


Plans for Digital Delivery

10 May 2000

     EMI Recorded Music Announces Plans For Digital Delivery
LOS  ANGELES,  May 10, 2000:  EMI Recorded Music announced  today
that  it  will  release over 100 albums, and over  40  associated
singles,  as  part  of a digital download trial.   Recordings  by
EMI's  internationally renowned artists, representing many genres
of music, including, among others, D'Angelo, dcTalk, Janet,  Pink
Floyd,  Selena, Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dogg, Spice Girls  and  Tina
Turner, have been earmarked for the trial.

The  downloads will be available for sale through major retailers
starting  July  1st.  EMI  will work  with  its  digital  service
providers  to  enable  these  retailers  to  sell  EMI's  digital
products initially in a single format, Windows Media, in order to
ensure   that   the   consumer  experience   is   as   easy   and
straightforward as possible.  EMI's suggested retail pricing  for
the  albums and singles will be similar to that which it uses for
traditional  retail sales.    The trial will  commence  in  North
America  and is expected to expand  outside of North  America  by
the   end  of  this  year  as  technology  rolls  out  in   those

Ken  Berry,  President  and  CEO of  EMI  Recorded  Music,  said,
'Digital  delivery  will eventually become part of  our  standard
release  pattern. We are committed to making high  quality  music
available to the consumer in a variety of media.  This will allow
our  artists'  fans  to take advantage of new ways  of  consuming
music  while  ensuring that artists and producers are compensated
for  their  work.   This  trial is just the  beginning:  a  small
portion of the great catalog of music from EMI.'

'It  is our priority to ensure that purchasing our artists' music
by  digital  download  is  as  easy as  possible,'  said  Richard
Cottrell,   President  of  EMI  Music  Distribution.    'We   are
capitalizing on our strong relationships with our existing retail
customer base and their strong brands, their market positions and
their  unique  consumer knowledge.  This is  the  first  step  in
building  the  necessary  framework and  infrastructure  for  the
digital future.'

'Digital  downloads are but one of the many new opportunities  we
have  to  grow  the worldwide music business,'  said  Jay  Samit,
Senior Vice President, New Media, EMI Recorded Music.  'New media
technologies  are  driving new business  models  that  bring  our
artists' music into their fans' lives.'

EMI will ensure that consumers have the flexibility to use
downloads  on  home  computers, to burn CD-Rs,  and  to  transfer
copies to portable devices.  EMI will allow up to two re-installs
of  a  download  onto  consumer systems  to  cope  with  possible
technical problems such as hard-drive failures.

This download trial is the latest move by EMI Recorded Music  in
the new media arena, following a succession of deals announced by
EMI   over   the  past  12  months,  including  agreements   with
musicmaker,   Digital   On-Demand,  Liquid   Audio,,
RadioWave, LAUNCH Media, Entertainment Boulevard/Vidnet,  Preview
Systems,  SuperTracks, Urocket,, On-Line Entertainment
Network, DiscoverMusic and Microsoft.

About EMI Recorded Music

EMI Recorded Music, the third largest music company in the world,
is  an  international music company with presence  in  nearly  70
countries.   EMI  Recorded  Music includes  important  local  and
international artists, including some of the biggest names in the
recorded music industry.  EMI has artists in every leading  music
genre,  including  pop, rock, jazz, classical, Latin,  Christian,
country,  rap/urban and dance.  The world famous  labels  include
Capitol, Angel, Blue Note, EMI, Priority and Virgin.  Its current
roster  includes approximately 1,500 artist and it releases  over
1,000 albums each year.

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