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Fleming Claverhouse (JCH)

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Monday 10 April, 2000

Fleming Claverhouse

Dividend Declaration & Result of AGM

Fleming Claverhouse Inv Trust PLC
10 April 2000

    The Fleming Claverhouse Investment Trust plc

First quarterly interim dividend

The  Directors  have  declared  that  a  first

quarterly interim  dividend of 1.70 pence per share

for  the  year ending  31st December 2000 will be

paid on 1st June  2000 to  shareholders on the

register at close of business  on 25th April 2000.

For further information

Jonathan Latter

Fleming Investment Trust Management Limited  0171 638 5858

The Fleming Claverhouse Investment Trust plc (the
Company') announces that at the Annual General
Meeting of the Company held on Thursday 6th April
2000, the following resolutions were passed as
Special Resolutions:

1.   THAT
 (a)  the Directors be generally and unconditionally
    authorised pursuant to and in accordance with
    section 80 of the Companies Act 1985 to exercise
    for the period ending on the date of the next
    Annual General Meeting all the powers of the
    Company to allot relevant securities up to an
    aggregate nominal amount of £3,972,712;
 (b)  pursuant to and during the period of the
    authority referred to in paragraph (a) above the
    Directors be empowered to allot equity
    securities up to an aggregate nominal amount of
    £3,972,712 as if section 89(1) of the said Act
    did not apply to any such allotment;
 (c)  by such authority and power the Directors may
    during such period make offers or agreements
    which would or might require allotments after
    the expiry of such period;
 (d)  for the purposes of this resolution, words and
    expressions defined in or for the purposes of
    Part IV of the said Act shall bear the same
    meanings in this resolution.
2.   THAT  the  Company  be  generally  and  subject
  as hereinafter   appears  unconditionally
  authorised   in accordance with Section 166 of the
  Companies  Act  1985 (the  Act')  to  make
  market  purchases  (within  the meaning  of
  Section  163 of the  Act)  of  its  issued Shares
  of 25p each in the capital of the Company.

  (i)  the maximum number of Shares hereby
      authorised to be
purchased shall be 9,528,153 or, if less, that
number of shares which is equal to 14.99% of the
Company's issued share capital as at the date of the
passing of this Resolution;

 (ii)  the minimum price which may be paid for a
       Share shall be 25p;
(iii) the maximum price which may be paid for a
      Share shall be an amount equal to 105 per cent of
      the average of the middle market quotations
      for a Share taken from and calculated by
      reference to the London Stock Exchange Daily
      Official List for the five business days
      immediately preceding the day on which the
      Share is purchased;
  (iv) any purchase of Shares will be made in
      the market for cash at prices below the prevailing
      net asset value per Share (as determined by
      the Directors);
  (v)  the authority hereby conferred shall expire
      on 5th October 2001 unless the authority is
      renewed at the Company's Annual General
      Meeting in 2001 or at any other general
      meeting prior to such time; and
  (vi) the Company may make a contract to
      purchase Shares under the authority hereby conferred
      prior to the expiry of such authority and may
      make a purchase of Shares pursuant to any such
      contract notwithstanding such expiry.


For further information please contact:

Jonathan Latter

Fleming Investment Trust Management Limited - 020 7638 5858