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PremiSys Group PLC (ASE)

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Wednesday 22 March, 2000

PremiSys Group PLC

Change to Board of Directors

PremiSys Group PLC
22 March 2000

Premisys Group PLC ('the Company')

Premisys Group PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of
Stuart  Anthony  Lipton (Age 58), the Chairman  of  Stanhope
PLC,  as a Non-executive Director of the Company with effect
from 23 March 2000.

Save as disclosed below, Stuart Lipton:

1. has not been a director of any company or a partner of
   any partnership within the last five years;

2. does  not have any unspent convictions in relation  to
   indictable offences;

3. has  not  been declared bankrupt or entered  into  any
   individual voluntary arrangements with his creditors;

4. has  not been a director of any company which has been
   placed in receivership, liquidation, administration, been
   subject to a voluntary arrangement or any composition  or
   arrangement with its creditors generally or any class of its
   creditors whilst he was a director of that company or within
   the twelve months after he ceased to be a director of that

5. has  not been a partner of any partnership which,  has
   been  placed in liquidation, administration or  been  the
   subject of a voluntary arrangement whilst he was a partner
   or within the twelve months after he ceased to be a partner
   of that partnership;

6. has not been the owner of any asset or a partner of any
   partnership which has been placed in receivership whilst he
   was  a  partner of that partnership or within the  twelve
   months after he ceased to be a partner of that partnership;

7. has  not  been the subject of any public criticism  by
   statutory  or  regulatory authorities or  has  ever  been
   disqualified  by a court from acting as a director  of  a
   company or from acting in the management or conduct of the
   affairs of any company.

Stuart  Lipton resigned as a director of New Oxford Limited,
New  Oxford Services Limited, New Oxford Assignments Limited
and New Oxford St. Georges Limited on 15th June 1995.  These
companies were subsequently placed in the members' voluntary
liquidation.   A  Liquidator was  appointed  to  New  Oxford
Limited  on  27th June 1995, to New Oxford Services  Limited
and New Oxford Assignments Limited on 26th June 1997 and  to
New Oxford Street St. George's Limited on 15th May 1995.

The  companies  were all finally disolved on  28th  November
1997  with  the exception of New Oxford Street St.  George's
which was dissolved on 15th March 1998.  In respect of  each
of  these  companies there was a deficiency to  shareholders
and creditors.

Current Directorships

Anthony Lipton Holdings Limited
Balfour Place Securities Limited
British Property Federation Limited
Bruton Street Development
Clive Anthony Properties Limited
Commission for Architecture and the Built
Exchequer Partnership Limited
First Palace Management Limited
First Palace Securities Limited
NGT Foundation Limited
ROH Developments Limited
ROH Holdings Limited
ROH Management Limited
Royal Opera House Covent Garden Limited
Stanhope Construction Limited
Stanhope Consult Limited
Stanhope Estates Management Limited
Stanhope Europe Limited
Stanhope Exchequer Limited
Stanhope Group Limited
Stanhope Investments Limited
Stanhope Plc
Stanhope Projects Limited
Stanhope Properties Limited
Stanhope Property Developments Limited
Stanhope Securities Limited
Stavening Properties Limited
Tower Hill Terrace Limited

Past Directorships during the five years preceding 22 March

BL (SP) (Red Lion Square) Limited
BL (SP) Construction Limited
BL (SP) Plc
BL (SP) Properties Plc
Capital & Rural Properties Limited
Exchange House Holdings Limited
London Regeneration Consortium Plc
London Regeneration Project Services
Matasingle Limited
New Oxford Assignments Limited
New Oxford Limited
New Oxford Services Limited
New Oxford St. George's Limited
One Fleet Place Limited
SKE limited
SKLW Limited
SKSP Limited
Stanhope Kajima Development Limited
Stanhope Kajima Plc
Stanhope Properties Plc
Stanhope Trafalgar Chiswick Limited