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Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS)

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Monday 13 March, 2000

Taylor Nelson Sofres

US$88M Acquisition of Competitive Media Reporting

Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC
13 March 2000

        Taylor Nelson Sofres acquires media monitoring company in US

Taylor  Nelson Sofres, one of the world's leading market information  groups,
announces  that  it  has  reached  agreement  to  acquire  Competitive  Media
Reporting (CMR), the largest provider of advertising tracking services in the
US, for a cash consideration of US$88.0  million.   The  acquisition
considerably  strengthens  the  group's position in  media monitoring and
expands one of its key growth sectors  into the  world's  biggest market.  It
also brings to the group  the  leading  US Internet advertising expenditure
business, CMR Interactive.

Completion,  which  is  subject to approval by the Federal  Trade  Commission
(FTC) in Washington, is expected within four to six weeks.  In the year ended
31  December 1999, CMR had a pro-forma profit before tax of US$7.5 million on
turnover  of  US$54.1 million.  Net assets at that date were US$8.9  million.
The  company  is being sold by VNU Advertising Expenditure, Inc.  as  an  FTC
requirement,  following the recent acquisition by the VNU  group  of  Nielsen
Media Research.

Headquartered  in  New  York, CMR tracks over US$65  billion  in  advertising
expenditure across all media.  CMR Interactive has already established itself
as  the  leader in its field, monitoring advertising activity on the  largest
revenue generating web sites.

Tony  Cowling, Taylor Nelson Sofres Executive Chairman, said: 'CMR  has  an
impressive  market  share,  tracking around  25  per  cent  of  the  world's
advertising expenditure and is at the forefront of its industry.  As advances
in  technology increase the range of media to which consumers are exposed and
the  demand  for  Internet  information  forges  ahead,  the  importance   of
competitive  advertising intelligence rises even faster.  We have  identified
media monitoring as a key growth sector for Taylor Nelson Sofres and this  is
a  major step forward for us.  It builds on the acquisitions we have made  to
establish our leading position in Europe over the past couple of years.

'With our strong media monitoring operations in France - TNS Secodip, Spain,
Scandinavia  and  the  UK, where we own Tellex, Taylor Nelson  Sofres  counts
among its clients the same top advertising agencies and media buyers as  CMR.
Together, we will offer major clients a consistent and comprehensive  service
on  an  international basis. We welcome into the group a highly-skilled team,
with  a strong management, extensive industry knowledge and broad operational

'The  acquisition strengthens the group's overall position  in  the  US  and
provides  another base from which we can develop activities in that important

Providing integrated information solutions

CMR  acts  as a comprehensive competitive resource for consumer and  business
marketers.  Using the industry's premier advertising data collection  system,
it tracks more than 100  million  adverts,  as well as expenditure and the 
introduction  of  new campaigns, in thousands of markets.  This data is then
supplied as integrated information solutions, targeted to the needs of CMR's
clients worldwide.

Over  the  past two years, CMR has made significant investments  in  specific
initiatives  to  streamline costs, increase the value of its core  businesses
and  open  new market opportunities.  These include the development  of  new,
electronic products to provide enhanced information solutions.

Monitoring and reporting on Internet advertising

CMR  Interactive was formed in 1997 to monitor and report on  advertising  on
the  Internet.  Through  its  flagship product, InterWatch,  it  maintains  a
comprehensive  and  consistent  database of advertising  on  over  335  sites
including Yahoo! and Netscape, representing 80-90 per cent of all Internet
advertising expenditure.

Commenting  on  the opportunities in this fast-growing market, Pierre  Weill,
Taylor  Nelson Sofres Managing Director, said, 'With the Internet advertising
industry  forecast  to  grow  dramatically, the  demand  for  information  on
Internet advertising expenditure should also grow at the same rate.   As  the
most  established  company in the industry, with the technology  required  to
capture  data  in  this complex and diverse environment, CMR  Interactive  is
perfectly placed to take full advantage of this growth.

'Taylor  Nelson  Sofres  is  involved in a wide  range  of  web  measurement
activities,  as well as using the Internet as a powerful data collection  and
delivery tool.  By combining our leading-edge web site ad monitoring  product
AdNetTrack  with CMR Interactive s highly developed expertise and technology,
we  have  a  powerful service to market around the world through  our  global

For further information, please contact:

Tony Cowling, Executive Chairman                     +44 (0) 1372 803 403
Jean-Michel Portier, Media Monitoring sector head    +33 (0) 1 30 74 81 81
Janis Parks, Investor Relations Manager              +44 (0) 181 967 1584
Margaret George, Citigate Dewe Rogerson              +44 (0) 171 638 9571

Notes to editors

Taylor Nelson Sofres

Through  its  international  network of more than  150  offices  in  over  40
countries, Taylor Nelson Sofres provides market information services in  over
80  countries to national and multi-national organisations.  It is ranked  as
the fourth largest market information group in the world.


CMR  was  formed  in 1992 by combining 10 separate advertising  tracking  and
broadcast proof of performance companies across 14 media.  Since then, it has
evolved  from a data collection and printed reports company to an information
solutions company, providing advertising information across all media.

CMR's  products serve the following market segments: advertising and  agency
services,  broadcast television networks and stations, syndicated  television
services,  cable  television network services, radio services,  consumer  and
business-to-business magazines, newspapers and outdoor advertising.

By  offering  unique  information  and analysis  of  critical  importance  to
clients,  CMR has cultivated a loyal customer base.  Its client list includes
blue  chip media, communications and fmcg companies such as Bloomberg, Conde 
Nast,  Coca-Cola, Financial Times, Grey Advertising, Interpublic  Group,  MCI
Corp and The New York Times.

More  than 600 specialists gather data at state-of-the-art facilities in  New
York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Missouri.  After the data is collected,  CMR
adds  proprietary classifications to harmonise all data across various  media
segments.  It has developed a uniform brand classification system that is now
used  throughout  the industry to track individual brands across  all  media.
Currently the CMR database contains information on more than 750,000  brands.
The company has over 700 full-time employees.

CMR Interactive

CMR  Interactive  collects advertising information  on  the  web  at  regular
intervals  using  automated 'crawler' applications that search  throughout  a
specified  list of web sites.  The data is combined with rate information  on
the  cost  of advertising, producing analysis of expenditure by an advertiser
or advertising revenue generated on a web site. This information is primarily
used for competitive analysis by advertising agencies and can provide insight
from  a  brand,  industry  or  web site perspective.  The  business  combines
Internet  data  with  CMR's traditional media data, to provide  comprehensive
analyses of advertising expenditure.  It is the only company in the market to
own historical data.

CMR    Interactive's   customer   base   is   split   between   advertising
agencies/advertisers  and  new media companies,  including  BBDO,  J.  Walter
Thompson, Saatchi, America Online, DoubleClick, Times Warner and Yahoo!.