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Mitel Corporation. (55PT)

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Monday 24 January, 2000

Mitel Corporation.

New Speech Technology

Mitel Corporation
24 January 2000


JANUARY 24, 2000

Mitel Breaks New Ground in Speech Processing
Applications: New strategic direction aims to bring the
power of the Internet closer to the phone

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--Mitel Corporation (TSE:MLT,NYSE:MLT) announced it
is successfully operating prototype systems incorporating advanced
speech recognition technology with the potential to 'voice surf'
the Internet.

The specially designed conversational systems built around this
new technology will allow words and phrases spoken over the
telephone to serve as commands to perform a variety of
sophisticated tasks, such as selectively routing incoming calls or
instantly finding the weather conditions at a travel destination.
These systems combine speech recognition with speech synthesis to
allow fully conversational human-like interactions.

By blending the ubiquity and mobility characteristics of either a
wired or a wireless phone with the availability and diversity of
information on the Internet, Mitel aims to deliver versatility
with unprecedented security for voice communications in the

 'This is a significant step in the adoption of voice as an
intuitive yet secure interface for access to information in a
variety of forms,' said Moris Simson, senior vice president,
strategic development, Mitel. 'By combining speaker authentication
with speech commands as well as the ability to interact with the
Internet, Mitel is opening promising new horizons for enterprise

At the heart of Mitel's technology are three fundamental

* Speaker authentication, which validates the voice 'signature' of
the caller to provide unparalleled convenience with maximum
security for sensitive applications such as changing a directory
entry or accessing a tightly controlled information database.

* Voice commands, which improve communications productivity by
simplifying the management and use of telephony features such as
call forwarding or call screening, or which empower the user of
any phone to access either voice or text messages through natural
conversation with a designated 'system agent'.

* Voice surfing, which allows a caller to browse a wealth of
Internet-based information through a voice conversation between a
Web-site and the user. This ability to securely exchange
information by voice could also serve as a foundation for a new
kind of transactional e-commerce, especially in the
business-to-consumer category.

'Speech recognition is about to become the next key enabler of our
Internet economy. There is a large and growing opportunity for
speech-enabled telephone applications that simplify using the
telephone and let it do more for users,' said William Meisel, a
speech recognition expert and president of TMA Associates in
Tarzana, CA. 'Mitel appears well positioned to exploit this

Mitel will speak at the upcoming Telephony Voice User Interface
Conference on 'The Business Case Identifying and Measuring the Pay
Offs' for speech recognition, on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2000 in
Phoenix, AZ.

Mitel also announced that the portfolio of system applications
using this technology will be called Speak@Ease(tm) The first
product in this portfolio will be unveiled February 8, 2000 at the
VoiceCon2000 conference in Washington, DC, and will include
speaker authentication, advanced auto attendant capabilities and
directory management. The product is expected to ship in the
second quarter of this year. Future versions will include
messaging features and will be targeted to select markets in which
Mitel holds a leadership position, such as the hospitality
industry and K-12 educational institutions.

For the hospitality industry, the product will enable
owner/operators to manage inbound calls for guests automatically
at all hours, avoiding long and annoying waiting times or
misdirected or abandoned calls.  Guests will be able to use
conversational speech in the language of their choice to quickly
perform tasks such as managing temporarily assigned message
mailboxes or instantly inquiring about meetings or other organized
events, anytime day or night, during their stay.

In education, the Mitel technology will focus on encouraging more
frequent parent/school interaction, fostering a more participative
approach to student development. For instance, a parent could
inquire about assignments or homework, check on field trips, or
relay information about a student's attendance via a fixed or
mobile phone.

Mitel's new strategic direction crowns a collaborative development
effort between Mitel and Nuance Communications, a privately held
California company that is an industry leader in voice interface
software. Since Nuance's software already supports a variety of
languages including English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish,
Mitel's products will be able to address a large international
clientele quickly and economically.

Mitel is a growing global provider of converging voice and data
systems and applications, and specialty semiconductors for the
communications industry. The company has revenues of more than
$1.3 billion and employs some 6,000 people worldwide.

Certain statements in this press release constitute
forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking
statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and
other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or
achievements of the company, to be materially different from any
future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied
by such forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and
assumptions include, among others, the risks discussed in
documents filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange
Commission. Investors are encouraged to consider the risks
detailed in those filings.


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