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Wednesday 25 June, 2008

Time Source
6:01 pm RNS   Factsheet Pentagon Protection (YOLO) Director/PDMR Shareholding
06:00 pm
5:41 pm RNS   Factsheet Matica Plc (MAT) Award of Replacement Options
5:36 pm RNS Report Factsheet Gasol plc (GAS) Holding(s) in Company
5:34 pm RNS Report Factsheet D1 Oils Plc (NEOS) Holding(s) in Company
5:23 pm RNS   Factsheet Eagle Eye Telematics (EIT) Change of Name
5:22 pm RNS   Factsheet Planet Payment Inc. (PPT) Grant of Directors' Options
5:18 pm RNS Report Factsheet Netplay TV PLC (NPT) Annual Report and Accounts
5:11 pm RNS   Factsheet Quadrise Fuels Intnl (QFI) Director/PDMR Shareholding
5:09 pm RNS Report Factsheet Fyffes PLC (FFY) Trading Statement
5:08 pm RNS   Factsheet Ocean Power Tech (OPT) OPT to present at EnergyOcean
5:08 pm RNS Report Factsheet Booker Group PLC (BOK) Holding(s) in Company
05:00 pm
4:58 pm RNS Report Factsheet Leeds Group PLC (LDSG) Transaction in Own Shares
4:58 pm RNS   Factsheet CSS Stellar PLC (STG) Notice of EGM
4:56 pm RNS Report Factsheet Booker Group PLC (BOK) Holding(s) in Company
4:55 pm RNS   Factsheet Flomerics Group PLC (FLO) Statement re: Mentor Offer
4:54 pm RNS Report Factsheet Redhall Group PLC (RHL) Holding(s) in Company
4:53 pm MKW Report Factsheet African Copper PLC (ACU) African Copper PLC: Annual Report and Accounts ...
4:48 pm RNS   Factsheet Avanti Screenmedia (INC) Notice of EGM
4:39 pm RNS   Factsheet Asian Growth Props (AGP) Director/PDMR Shareholding
4:07 pm RNS   Factsheet Reconstruction CapII (RC2) Final Results
4:01 pm RNS Report Factsheet GCM Resources PLC (GCM) Issue of Equity
4:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Petards Group PLC (PEG) Update - late accounts
04:00 pm
3:58 pm RNS Report Factsheet GCM Resources PLC (GCM) Holding(s) in Company
3:51 pm RNS Report Factsheet Craneware plc (CRW) Holding(s) in Company
3:47 pm RNS   Factsheet Pinewood Shepperton (PWS) Directors' Dealings and Grant
3:40 pm RNS Report Factsheet Synchronica PLC (SYNC) Holding(s) in Company
3:31 pm MKW   Factsheet Nautilus (NUS) Drilling Report
3:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Appian Technology (APN) Holding(s) in Company
3:26 pm RNS Report Factsheet Fairpoint Group PLC (FRP) Holding(s) in Company
3:01 pm PRN   Factsheet Silence Therapeutics plc (SLN) FDA Approves Quark IND for DGFi, an siRNA Thera...
3:00 pm PRN Report Factsheet Beowulf Mining PLC (BEM) Ballek Joint Venture
3:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Jubilee Platinum PLC (JLP) Directors Dealings
3:00 pm RNS   Factsheet Partners Group (PGGO) AIM/CISX de-listing and admis
03:00 pm
2:59 pm RNS Report Factsheet IDOX PLC (IDOX) Exercise of Options
2:37 pm RNS   Factsheet Lombard Medical Tech (LMT) Annual Report and Accounts
2:29 pm RNS   Factsheet Gladstone PLC (GLD) Holding(s) in Company
2:21 pm RNS   Factsheet Oriel Resources PLC (ORI) Annual Report and Accounts
2:15 pm RNS   Factsheet Surgical Innovations (SUN) Result of AGM
2:12 pm RNS   Factsheet MediterraneanOil&Gas (MOG) Director's Dealing
2:11 pm RNS   Factsheet Resources In Ins Grp (RIIG) Posting of Results
2:09 pm RNS   Factsheet Hartest Holdings PLC (HTH) Holding(s) in Company
2:04 pm RNS   Factsheet Manganese Bronze. (MNGS) Notification of Change in Dir
2:04 pm RNS   Factsheet AsianLogic Limited (ALOG) Re Agreement
2:01 pm RNS Report Factsheet Nature Technology (NGR) Holding(s) in Company
02:00 pm
1:53 pm RNS   Factsheet CareCapital Grp plc (AVO) Board Appointment
1:47 pm RNS   Factsheet Hollywood Media Serv (HOL) Holding(s) in Company
1:42 pm RNS   Factsheet Red Rock Resources (RRR) Update
1:23 pm RNS Report Factsheet Rugby Estates PLC (RES) Result of AGM
1:19 pm RNS   Factsheet Millwall Holdings (MWH) Additional Listing
1:01 pm RNS   Factsheet Ishaan Real Estate (ISH) Preliminary Results 2008 conf
01:00 pm
12:58 pm RNS   Factsheet Cavanagh Group PLC (CVH) Issue of Equity
12:50 pm RNS   Factsheet Expomedia Group PLC (EXP) Reduction of Capital
12:38 pm RNS Report Factsheet Pursuit Dynamics PLC (PDX) Notice of Results
12:35 pm RNS   Factsheet Frontier Mining Ltd (FML) Holding(s) in Company
12:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Touch Group PLC (TOU) AGM Statement
12:30 pm PRN   Factsheet Silence Therapeutics (SLN) Research Update
12:22 pm RNS   Factsheet Livermore Inv. Group (LIV) AGM Statement
12:20 pm CIS Report Factsheet Maypole Group plc (MPG) Result of AGM
12:18 pm PRN Report Factsheet PSG Solutions PLC (SRG) Result of GM
12:18 pm RNS   Factsheet Chapelthorpe PLC (CPL) Annual Report and Accounts

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