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Bank Hapoalim B.M. (80OA)

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Thursday 10 May, 2012

Bank Hapoalim B.M.

Changes in Holdings of Interested Parties

RNS Number : 0558D
Bank Hapoalim B.M.
10 May 2012

                                             Bank Hapoalim B.M.                      Tav 076
                                              Number with the Registrar: 520000118                           Public

The securities of the corporation are listed for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Abbreviated Name: Poalim

Street: P.O.B. 27, Tel Aviv 61000

Tel: 03-5673800; 03-5673333; Fax: 03-5674576



Transmission Date: 08/05/2012

Reference: 120732-01-2012


Securities Authority                                        Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.                                      



Immediate Report on Changes in the Holdings of Interested Parties and Senior Office Holders

Regulation 33(a) of the Securities (Periodic and Immediate Reports) Regulations, 5730-1970



Note:    This form is intended for reporting any change in the holdings of securities of the reporting corporation only. For reporting any change in the holdings of securities of an affiliated company of the reporting corporation if its activity is material to the activity of the reporting corporation, Form Tav 121 should be used.


Any change in the holdings of institutional investors should be reported on

Form Tav 074 or Tav 077 and not on this form.



 Corporation Name / Family Name and First Name of the Holder:  Bank Hapoalim B. M.


Corporation Name / Family Name and First Name of the Holder in English as recorded with Registrar of Companies or in the Passport:  Bank Hapoalim B. M.


Category of Identification Number:  Number with the Registrar of Companies in Israel

Identification Number of the Holder: 520000118

Category of the Holder:  The reporting corporation

Does the holder serve as representative for the purpose of reporting of a number of shareholders who together with him hold securities of the corporation: No

Citizenship / Country of Incorporation or Registration:  Incorporated in Israel

Country of Citizenship / Incorporation or Registration: ______________

Number of Security on the Stock Exchange:  662577


Name and Type of Security:  Bank Hapoalim O.S.


Nature of the Change: Increase by way of buying on the Stock Exchange ________


Note:   Buying or selling of shares on the Stock Exchange by way of a compliant transaction, as defined in Part Three of the Rules of the Stock Exchange, will be classed as an off-floor transaction, by making disclosure thereof in the free text field to the effect that the

transaction was executed in this way.

Date of the Change:  08/05/2012

Transaction Price:  1,379.77 Currency Ag.

Are they dormant shares or securities convertible into dormant shares: Yes

Balance (in the quantity of securities) in the most recent report: 7,654,853 Percentage holding of the total of the securities of the same class in the most recent report: 0.58%

Change in the quantity of the securities: +100,000

Present balance (in the quantity of securities): 7,754,853 Present percentage holding of the total of the securities of the same class: 0.58%

Percentage holding after the change: As to capital:  0.58%  As to voting power: 0.00%

Percentage holding after the change fully diluted: As to capital  0.58%  As to voting power: 0.00%

      Note No. 1




Note:   If a value of increase was chosen due to a forced purchase of borrowed securities or a value of decrease due to a forced sale of borrowed securities then they are borrowed securities which were not returned to the lender and accordingly, the act of borrowing was transformed into a forced purchase and the act of lending into a forced sale.


No.                                                                 Note


It is to be noted that the change in the number of the dormant shares, as stated in this Immediate Report, arises from the purchase of shares by the Bank which was executed in accordance with the plan for the purchase of its own shares which was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Bank on 28 March, 2012 and reported under immediate report of 29 March, 2012 (see Immediate Report of 29 March, 2012, Reference No. 084702-01-2012). After the purchase of the dormant shares as stated in this Immediate Report, the cumulative execution of the purchase of shares under the said plan for the purchase of its own shares stands at 2,101,000 shares.

The percentage of voting power in the corporation after the change held by the holder of the dormant shares is 0%.


 Name of the signatory on behalf of the corporation:  Yigal Yahav, his job title:  Head of the Department for Securities Operations and Trading in Israel                                                                                                         .




1.   If not all of the consideration was paid on the date of the change, please state the date on which the payment was completed.



2.   If the change is by way of signing the letter of loan, please state particulars regarding the way in which the loan is terminated.



Explanation: The percentages of the holding should be stated taking into account all of the securities held by the interested party.


3.   The date and the time of day when the corporation first learned of the event or the matter 08/05/2012 at 15:03  o'clock.


4.   Particulars of the actions which precipitated the change  _________


The reference numbers of the previous documents on the subject (any citation made does not constitute inclusion by way of reference):

Previous names of reporting entity:



Date on which the structure of the form was updated: 14/03/2012



Name of Electronic Reporter: Yoram Weissbrem, His Job Title: Secretary of the Company, Name of Employing Company 


Yehuda Halevy 63 Tel Aviv 65781, Telephone: 03-567 3800, Fax: 03-567 4576 

 Electronic Mail: 




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