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Close UK IndxGrwth12 (CSUZ)

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Wednesday 13 December, 2006

Close UK IndxGrwth12

Inv Objective & Performance

Close UK Index Growth Fund 2012
13 December 2006


13 December 2006

Close UK Index Growth Fund 2012 (the 'Fund')

The Fund's investment objective is to provide investors with four times the
growth of the FTSE 100 Index, up to a maximum capital repayment of 164 per cent
of the Issue Price, over the six year period to 22 November 2012, combined with
a high level of capital security, subject to any unforeseen circumstances.

The Zero Dividend Shares will offer full capital protection unless the FTSE 100
Index has closed down more than 50 per cent from its starting value (i.e. below
3080.15) during the term AND fails to recover to its starting value. In this
case, the return on the Zero Dividend Shares will be the same as the return on
the Index. If the Index subsequently recovers and rises above its starting
value, the Zero Dividend Shares will still offer four times the growth of the
FTSE 100 Index, again up to a maximum capital repayment of 164 per cent of the
Issue Price.  The Issue Price was 148.64p per Zero Dividend Share.

The official closing level of the FTSE 100 Index as at 30 November 2006 was
6048.80.  If the Index closed at this level on 22 November 2012 and the FTSE 100
Index had not closed down more than 50 per cent from its starting value during
the term (i.e. below 3080.15), the redemption price (ending share price) would
be 148.64 pence.

Payoff Profile

The table below illustrates how the redemption value of the Zero Dividend Shares
might vary for different ending levels of the FTSE 100 Index.

                                           Ending Share Price
Final FTSE 100 Index*     If FTSE 100 Index never     If FTSE 100 Index
                          closes below 3080.15 +      closed below 3080.15 +
      4000                      148.64                      96.51
      4250                      148.64                     102.54
      4500                      148.64                     108.57
      4750                      148.64                     114.61
      5000                      148.64                     120.64
      5250                      148.64                     126.67
      5500                      148.64                     132.70
      5750                      148.64                     138.73
      6000                      148.64                     144.77
      6250                      157.29                     157.29
      6500                      181.42                     181.42
      6750                      205.55                     205.55
      7000                      229.68                     229.68
      7250                      243.76                     243.76
      7500 or over              243.76                     243.76

* As at 22 November 2012

+ On any day from 22 November 2006 to 22 November 2012

The final return is subject to there being no counterparty default or any other
unforeseen circumstances.

Structured Capital at Risk Products (SCARPs)

The Company has been advised that the Fund is a SCARP as defined by the
Financial Services Authority (FSA). Investors should refer to the FSA factsheet,
which is available at

The return of capital invested at the end of the investment period is not
guaranteed and therefore the investor may get back less than was originally
invested. Investors should not enter into the transaction unless they are
prepared to lose some or all of the money they have invested.

They should satisfy themselves that the Zero Dividend  Shares are suitable for
them in the light of their circumstances and financial position, and if in any
doubt they should seek professional advice. Investors may only achieve the rate
of return advertised over a set period and the return may depend on specific
conditions being met.

The monthly factsheet is available on the website

For further information contact:

Anson Fund Managers Limited
Fund Secretary

Tel: 01481 722260

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