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Kobe Steel Ld (KOB)

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Wednesday 26 June, 2002

Kobe Steel Ld

Result of OGM

Kobe Steel Ld
26 June 2002

                                - TRANSLATION -

To: Shareholders                                    June 26, 2002

                                                    Koshi Mizukoshi
                                                    President and
                                                    Representative Director

                                                    Kobe Steel, Ltd.
                                                    10-26, Wakinohamacho 2-chome
                                                    Chuo-ku, Kobe

                            NOTICE OF RESOLUTIONS OF


Dear Shareholders:

You are hereby notified that the following report was made and resolutions were
passed at the 149th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.


Matters Reported:           Report on the balance sheet as of March 31, 2002,
                            the business report, and the statement of income for 
                            the 149th business term (the year beginning
                            April 1, 2001 and ending March 31, 2002, also known 
                            as fiscal 2001).

The contents of the above financial statements were reported.

Matters Resolved:

First Item:                 Approval of proposal for disposition of
                            deficit for the 149th business term (FY2001)

                            This proposal was approved and resolved as 
                            originally proposed.

Second Item:   Amendment of Articles of Incorporation

This proposal was approved and resolved as originally proposed.

The summary of the amendment is stated below.

1.        It was approved and resolved that some purposes of business of the
Company be added for further development of business in future.

                                           (Underline indicate the amended part)

Before amended Articles of                       Newly amended Articles of
 Incorporation                                    Incorporation

Sale, brokering and leasing of real estate; and  Sale, brokering, leasing, management and
planning, execution, and management related to   security service of real estate; and planning,
local development.                               execution, and management related to local

 (newly provided)                                Treatment and reclamation of industrial waste
                                                 and other wastes.

2.        It was approved and resolved that Articles of Incorporation be amended
in accordance with revision of Japanese Commercial Law with regard to allowance
of treasury stock, abolition of controls on par value share and establishment of
a new unit-stock system, establishment of stock option system, introduction of
paper-less electronic registration system for commercial papers and extension of
term of Corporate Auditors, etc.

Third Item:    Election of seven (7) directors upon the occasion of the
               expiration of the terms of all directors

               With respect to this proposal, Messrs. Masahiro Kumamoto, 
               Koshi Mizukoshi, Hiroshi Sato, Toru Asaoka, Tsuguto Moriwaki, 
               Yasuo Inubushi and Takashi Matsutani the seven (7) candidates, 
               were elected as directors and assumed their positions.

Fourth Item:  Granting of retirement gratuities to retiring directors

In appreciation of their distinguished service, it was approved and resolved
that Messrs. Osamu Takata, Noriyoshi Mitsutake and Yasuaki Hirata the three (3)
directors whose term of office expired at the closing of this Ordinary General
Meeting of Shareholders, be granted retirement gratuities within a reasonable
amount in accordance with the established standards of the Company.  Moreover,
it was approved and resolved that determination of the actual amount, time, and
method of presentation be left to the Board of directors in relation to retiring


At the meeting of the Board of directors held after the close of the 149th
Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, the following directors were elected
and assumed their offices.

Chairman of the Board                     Masahiro Kumamoto
(Representative Director)

President                                 Koshi Mizikoshi
(Representative Director)

Vice President                            Tsuguto Moriwaki
(Representative Director)

Vice President                            Yasuo Inubushi
(Representative Director)

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